Michele D’Ascenzo

Michele D’Ascenzo obtained his Graduate Diploma with top marks and full honors at the “A. Casella” Conservatory in L’Aquila (Italy), where he studied with Elena Matteucci and where he studied also composition under Alessandro Cusatelli. He took part in several masterclasses held by Vincenzo Balzani, Grigory Gruzman, Pierre Réach, Lya de Barberiis, etc. He currently studies with Vsevolod Dvorkin and he regularly attends the lessons of Natalia Trull in Italy.

His competitions awards include: first prize at the 26th Moncalieri European Music Competition in Turin, first prize at the 7th Filadelfia International Piano Competition, second prize at the 2nd Barlassina International Young Talents Competition, third prize at the 2016 Kreisleriana International Piano Competition in Monza, etc. He has appeared as a soloist with Orchestra Classica di Alessandria and Orchestra Sinfonica Abruzzese.

Mr. D’Ascenzo held recitals and concerts in Italy (Istituzione Sinfonica Abruzzese, “Liszt and Friends” International Piano Festival – Rome, Concert Society in L’Aquila, “Monferrato Classic Festival”, “Piano Talents” Festival – Milan, etc.), Austria (“Vienna International Young Pianists Festival”), Lithuania (“The Roads of Europe” International Music Festival – Vilnius), Czech Republic (“Prague Summer Music Festival”), San Marino Republic, having always an enthusiastic approval from both the audience and critics. On his solo recital in Vilnius: «Koncerto program jis atliko virtuoziškai, susilaukęs gausių susirinkusios publikos plojimų ir šūksnių. [Concert program was performed with virtuosity, numerous were the acclamations from the public]» (Lidija Veličkaitė, Lietuvos Aidas)