Davide Moro

Davide Moro started his musical studies at 6 years old. He graduated with honours from Francesco Cilea Reggio Calabria Conservatoire, under Richard M. Sasso. He is a member of the F. CileaTheatre and Conservatoire orchestra and performs as a soloist, too. Davide takes masterclasses with violinists such as Feng Ning, Vilehlmas Cepinskis, Roman Fedchuk, Iakov Zats, Jacob Stevanato Sonig Tchakerian, Julian Fontananella and works together with ensembles such as Nuovo Ensemble, Quartetto Bermini and New Quartet Italiano. At the “Paul Serrao” competition in Philadelphia Davide won the First prize and at the “Barlow International Competition for young talents” he placed third.