Maxim Michaluk

From the age of 5 years, Maxime Michaluk expressed his desire to play the violin. At 6, he began learning the instrument, conservatory of Namur with Madame Cécile Delvingt. In 2007, in his 13th year, he was admitted to the GPEI in Namur, in the violin class of Mr Igor Tkatchouk in the “Young Talents” section. In June 2012, it completed its 5 years of violin, with the first movement of the Concerto No. 1 by Paganini for which he won the highest award.

Alongside his studies, Maxime continued his education at the Institute of Providence of Champion, where he graduated in June 2012, the end of graduate studies with distinction.

Maxim Michaluk

After a first year of graduate studies in the GPEI, he successfully passed the entrance exam at the Mozarteum University of Salzburg in Austria, where he currently studies violin in the class of Mr Igor Ozim, the famous violin world.

– Cécile Delvingt (conservatory of Namur)

– Mr Igor Tkatchouk (IMEP)

– Mr Gilles Millet (Quatuor Danel) Hanxiang Gong, Leonhard Roczek (Minetti Quartet)

Wolfgang Redik (Mozarteum University) chamber music

– Igor Ozim (Mozarteum)

– Also benefited from courses during the masterclass with:

– Philippe Descamps (Dinant)

– Eric Mélon (Liège)

– Roman Fedchuk (Prague)

– Julian Shaw chamber music (Limoges)

– Vladimir Nemtanu the Lyons Conservatory (Arcachon)

– Alasdair Tait quartet (music Guildhall school of music and drama)

– Rainer Schmidt Quartet (Hagen Quartet)

– Marc Danel (Imep / CNSM Lyon / Quatuor Danel)

– Alejandra Drago (Prague)

– Natalija Raithel (Prague)

Maxime Michaluk has won several national and international competitions.

-At 9 years old, and despite being the youngest candidate, he won his first 1st prize in the multi-instrumental competition “Boost for young talents” organized by the Lion’s Club in Andenne.

-Will ensue, between 2003 and 2009, other first prizes (“Cavatina”, “Young Talents”) and 2nd prize in international competition “Flame” in Paris and “Bravo” in Namur (2010-2011).

-In his 14th year, he won first prize at Dexia Classics, and at 16, a 1st prize at the European Competition for Young Soloists in Luxembourg in the Honor Division, with the mention Excellent.

-In February and March 2012, he won a first prize at the national competition Edouard Deru Verviers and a second price Rotary Breughel competition.

-In March 2013, Maxime won 1st prize “Grumiaux Foundation” at the international competition “Bravo” in Namur in the category 17/21 years.

-In November 2015, he won the 2nd prize in the competition Vieuxtemps, Verviers.

– At 9 years old, he participated in a tour of Spain with the whole “Musicordes” of Mons as well as more advanced students of the class of Mrs. Delvingt.

– In 2009 and 2010, he joined the “String Conservatory of Namur” under the direction of Mark Henne.

– Between 2011 and 2013: Maxime played in the chamber orchestra “Dextuor” composed of young winners Belfius, where he had the opportunity to perform as a soloist under the direction of Thomas Van Haeperen.

-May 2012: he was selected for the new orchestra HSCO (Hulencourt Soloists Chamber Orchestra), composed of young soloists from around Europe, and where it has the opportunity to work with big names in music, including between other Stefan Tarara (concertmaster), Evelyne and Boris Berezovsky, Richard Galliano … under the direction of famous conductors such as Sylvia Massarelli or Benjamin Ellin or Guy Braunstein.

– Within the HSCO, he was part of a chamber music group (octet) who participated in summer 2013 classic festival “Terre di Scansano” in Italy.

– End of 2013, he had the opportunity to play in the International Mahler Orchestra in Kassel, Germany, under the direction of Yoel Gamzou.

– Beginning of year 2015, he was selected as the main substitute for new chamber orchestra “BOHO Players”.

– In June 2015, he was selected among several students Mozarteum to play within the chamber orchestra “Sándor Végh,” under the direction of Heinrich Schiff.

During his studies, Maxime Michaluk was requested for various events, including among others:

– In 2010: – Concert in aid of scientific research with pianist Pierre Feraux to Franière (Floreffe)

– That same year, he organized a concert in his school (the Institute of Providence of Champion) with Pierre Feraux and other musicians.

-August 2010 and April 2011: Maxime wasinvited by the Association Foliamusica a recital in the southwest of France, in Limoges and Piégut in Périgord, and in the Liege region.

-October 2011 and February 2012: he played as a soloist concerto No. 1 by Mozart with the orchestra led by Thomas Van Dextuor Haeperen, Liege and Brussels.

-December 2011: he played the Concerto No. 1 with the orchestra Mendelssohn Dextuor on a Sunday morning concert at the MAMAC in Liege.

-July 2012: Maxime gave a quartet recital in Liege.

-August 2012: he was selected among the trainees of the Arcachon masterclass to attend the closing gala at the Olympia where he performed “Tzigane” by Ravel.

-November 2012: it had the opportunity to perform in concert at the IMEP in duet with the young percussionist Martin Descamps marimba. It also gave a recital at St. Veronica Church of Liege, in duets with his friend cellist Sébastien Dendal with Martin and the marimba.

-The 25/11/2012, he performed with another young violinist Concerto in D minor for two violins and orchestra by Vivaldi, accompanied by the orchestra Dextuor during the concert at the Cathedral Saint-Denis de Liège.

-18 February 2013: F.Mendelssohn String Octet Concert at the IMEP with 4 students and 4 teachers including 2 members of the Danel Quartet.

-February and March 2013: Maxime plays the violin concerto No. 5 Vieuxtemps with the symphony orchestra of Namur.

-March 2013: Enescu string octet at the golf club of Hulencourt with an octet from the HSCO and composed of young international soloists.

-May, June and September 2013: violin-cello duo concerts with Sebastien Dendal in Emines, Liège, and France Revin.

-August-September 2013: violin, marimba duo concerts with Martin Descamps Wépion and France ((Piégut in Périgord).

-In Summer 2014, concert violin-marimba duo with Martin Descamps at the festival “Music in the Périgord Vert.”

-In 2016, he will perform with his quartet in France, in the city of Reims, and in London.

-A 10 years, Maxime had the honor to play in front of the president-elect to Ukraine, Mr Yushchenko during his visit to Brussels.

-The Year preceding his departure for Austria, he also regularly played in duet with cellist Sébastien Dendal in two homes for young disabled people of Namur ( “Les Coteaux Mosan” and “La Douceur Mosan “).

-In May 2012, he was selected by Musiq ‘3 together with the VRT to participate in the show “The Six / De Zes,” in which six young violinists – French 3, 3 néerlandophones- were invited to animate and comment on the Queen Elisabeth competition 2012 on facebook and twitter, with occasional interventions on live radio and TV in the semi-finals and finals of the competition.

-In 2013, he had also the chance to be included in the IMEP in different projects. He had the opportunity to accompany as concertmaster in Brussels the famous soprano Valentina Valente in “The dream of Diotima” of P.Bartholomée with a group of young students under the direction of Peter Bartholomew in person. He was also part of the instrumental ensemble who performed the music for the short film “Please turn off starting” Thierry de Coster.

-In October 2014, he foundated a quartet in the Mozarteum University, Adelphi Quartet. This Quartet has taken courses with teachers Leonhard Roczek, Rainer Schmidt, Wolfgang Redik and Alasdair Tait.

Maxime Michaluk wants to become a professional violinist as soloist and chamber musician. His dream is to get lessons from great violinists, and participate in prestigious international competitions, such as Vieuxtemps, the Paganini, the Queen Elizabeth …